single or double elemination

Tournament Style Knockerball
Great for Fundraisers!

Book for your High School, College, or Large Event Fundraiser. Everyone signs up their team and competes in an ultimate battle of Knockerball.

We will come out to your event with all the equipment and referees needed, all you have to do is insure that people show up. We can typically get about 60 people in a game every hour with 10 ball, depending on how much you would like to charge participants to play, this could translate to $300-$600 in one hour.

Large Party (Unlimited Players)

Includes: 2 Soccer Nets, 1 Soccer Ball, Cones for field set up, & 1-2 on site referee to run the activities for maximum fun! Tournament Style or Free Style.

Single or Double Elimination

10 Balls ( 5 vs 5)

1 Court, 10 total balls

1 Hr-$350

2 Hrs- $450

3 Hrs- $550

Each team: 5-7 players (player substitution encouraged)

8 Balls (4 vs 4)

2 Courts, 16 total balls

1 Hr- $500

2 Hrs- $600

3 Hrs- $700

Each team: 4-6 players (player substitution encouraged)

Calculating what you need:

Most games last 2.5-7 mins (4-5 minutes is a good amount of time) about 1 min to switch out players between games.

Calculate the total # of Games:
Take the # of players & teams (ex.78 players, 13 teams of 6 players). Single elimination of 13 teams would be 12 total games, double elimination of 13 teams would be 25 games total. (hint: google search the elimination brackets)

Calculate the amount of Time each game should be:
Divide the time your renting for by the total about of games. ex: 60mins/12 games= 5 minute games, or 120mins/25 games= 4.8 mins per game, or 180mins/25 games= 7.2 mins per game.

*Additional Hours & Knockerballs are Available for Rental
We can set up & run 2 fields at once


Includes Everything you need to Play Knockerball
We will travel to your facility. (*Travel Fees may Apply if more than 45mins from Largo)
1-2 Referee Staff Members who will will set up & run all the games.
Play inside or outside.
Ages 6 and up recommended. (younger kids can still roll around & play)

Ready to Get in the Ball?
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