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Trying to find a place to play?

Most popular places to play include:-Backyard-Neighborhood Field- City Park- Athletic Field- Recreation Facility- YMCA- Gym- Local Church- After school Facility- Sports Facility- Local School-

We travel all over the Tampa Bay area & beyond. Travels fees may apply if your location is more than 45 minutes from Largo, FL.

A Large grassy field is ideal - play at a local park, soccer field, baseball field, football field, beach, inside basketball court, gym, recreation center, or large carpeted multipurpose room. Additional fees apply for playing on the sand.

Give us a call for a list of parks and fields near you.

Knockerball cannot be played on cement!

Knockerball Indoor Facility Rentals

Rent a Party & Play Inside

Rent a Party & Play Inside

Play Knockerball Bubble Soccer Inside. A softer surface is ideal, like a basketball court, carpeted multipurpose room, or indoor soccer field. If you are interested in playing inside let us know and we can recommend a few locations that have rental spaces available.

  • YMCA - Contact you local YMCA or Rec for rental prices
  • SoSoccer - Indoor soccer field rentals in Largo

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