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Knockerball IS CO-ED
NO Positions, coaches or goalies needed
You can bump someone at any time, OTHER than when they are already on the ground
NO intentional contact with shoes or feet to the bubbles
NO intentional contact with another player with anything other than your bubble
NO cleats or shoes with sharp points, edges, buckles, or straps (no sandals)
No alcohol is to be consumed while playing bubble soccer
No sharp objects inside of the bubble (all jewelry must be taken off)
No intentional action which may cause damage to the bubbles.
*Renter will be liable for the cost of replacing/repairing balls that were damaged due to neglegant use)*
Two teams choose a President on their own team and then the teams face off. As soon as the whistle is blown, the two teams compete with the objective of putting down the President of the opposing team. All players can hit the ground and get up without being eliminated from the game except the Presidents.




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