Fundraisers, Festivals, Fairs
Knockerball Tampa Bay Bubble Soccer

Looking for a Fun & New Way to Raise Money?
Knockerball Tampa Bay Could be The Answer

Fundraising Event with Knockerball

We will come out to your event with all the equipment and Referees/Staff needed, all you have to do is ensure that people show up. We can typically get about 60 people in a game every hour (10 balls/players at a time), depending on how much you would like to charge participants to play, this could translate to $300-$600 in one hour. Have more than 60 people? Add more hours & knockerballs!

Fairs, Festivals, or Events

Draw a crowd & get people excited about your upcoming Event, Fair, or Festival. Once people see knockerball in action they have to try it! We can set up for a few hours, half-day or full day. We'll bring everything needed to play knockerball, set up, & run the games. All you have to do is set the date & time.

TIP: Knockerball is a great way to get people excited about attending an event. Have other activities as well. Make T-shirts. Have a concession stand to sell food & water at your event and make extra $$. Presell Tickets.

Pay To Play
Book us to attend & set up at your event
(zero to minimal cost for you)
We charge the public/participants
$5 for 5 minutes to get in the balls & play.

Open Play
Book a Large Event, *Unlimited Players*
(You pay for us to be there- see Large Event Prices)
Free for the public/participants.

(zero to minimal cost to you)
Charge the public/participants - Ticket or Arm Band Prices
We'll Split the Profits with you.

Team Competition
Tournament style with a winners bracket. Make it a competition with teams.

5K Race or other Event-
With Knockerball as Entertainment Activity.

Silent Auction-
Buy a Knockerball Gift Certificate for your silent auction.


Pay our flat fees & we'll run the games. What you charge and how you structure the games and fees are up to you. Any profits are yours to keep, or make it a FREE event for everyone. Although we would love to be able to do fundraisers for free, we have to be able to cover overhead maintenance costs.

  • -
$425 - 10 Balls- 1st hour

$100 each Additional Hour

$50 every 2 Additional Balls

*Unlimited Players*

60 people can play in an hour on average with 10 balls.
(add more balls & hours to get more players in)

1hr.- $425/60 people = $7.08 each
2 hrs.- $600/120 people= $5.00 each

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